75-Gallon Osprey Bubble Hash Machine

75-Gallon Osprey Bubble Hash Machine

In a search for the best possible way to make our products we decided upon processing the most beneficial parts of the hemp flower. Keeping vital components like Phyto Nutrients, Terpenes, and Canabinoids in tact and in higher concentrations in order to achieve a higher level of quality products. 

This machine has the capacity for 21,000g of Fresh Frozen and was designed to thoroughly, yet gently, extract all the resin from our material, unlike other machines that can be extremely aggressive during the agitation process.

Thankfully, the Osprey machine has eliminated all of the aggressive aspects of washing.

The Ospreys rounded square design disrupts the horizontal vortex and makes a constant vertical vortex, unlike most circular devices. 75-Gallon Osprey Bubble Hash Machine With a constant vertical vortex, we leave our materials with no dead spots.

That means each individual bud receives the same amount of agitation throughout the wash, so no sides go untouched. This leaves us with a more effective and efficient wash. This can translate itself to higher yields than other forms of ice water extraction.

What takes some machines and practices 12+ hours a day to complete, our Osprey machine can do in less than 2 hours while still maintaining quality We have paired our Osprey machine with the Nest, which is an 85-gallon stainless steel re-circulation collection tank.

You simply drain the Osprey machine water into the nest through the 32-gallon micron bags and fire up the re-circulation pump to move the filtered water back into the Osprey machine for the next wash.

It is relatively unsafe to pick up/pour 50 gallons of water back into the Osprey’s lid at 60” between every wash, so the nest keeps our employees safe from any injuries acquired by heavy lifting of multiple buckets of water daily and makes this stage of processing as efficient as possible