Industrial Scale Rosin Pressing

Industrial Scale Rosin Pressing

Our Sasquash Yeti Rosin Press uses two heated metal plates that apply firm, even pressure to press cannabis flower or hash with enough force to cause the cannabinoids and terpenes to ooze out of the trichomes in an oily, resinous form called rosin.

Its 55- ton hydraulic ram can produce up to 100,00 pounds of pressure and can squash up to six pounds of hash in a single press. It allows you to go from flower or hash to rosin fairly quickly since it uses no solvents and thus needs no purging process.

Tropical Sunset Farms uses live rosin and hash as material press inputs. Live rosin is made with fresh frozen flower, which means that the plant has fresh trichomes and terpenes.

The plant is harvested, and any excess leaves are removed. Then it is instantly placed in a freezer for at least 24-hours. It is said that flower generally produces more flavorful rosin, but there are still many lipids that can cause degradation to occur, and a lot of the product’s quality is lost. Kief or hash rosin is known to be more potent. To contain the plant material, and keep it out of the final product, we use rosin bags.

The bags rest directly on a piece of parchment paper between the top and bottom metal plates. It hangs over the bottom plates edge and is folded into a triangle form that is directed into a mason jar that catches the oozing rosin.

The Press applies heat and pressure to melt off the glandular domes of the trichrome from the flower's base material.

Once all the rosin has been pressed out, the mason jars are then placed in a refrigerator to cool down