Our Hemp tinctures are made with just a few organic ingredients. They are easy to use and extremely versatile. We start with our core ingredient, Hawaii sun grown full spectrum Hemp extract.

This is then infused into an organic MCT coconut oil. We package our tincture in beautiful cobalt blue glass bottles that include an easy-to-use measuring dropper bottle lid that allows each user to find their perfect dosage.

Using this product is as simple as squeezing out the dropper under your tongue. Since our tincture is infused with MCT oil, that allow you to combine it with any food product that you want to drizzle a little oil onto or into Hemp milkshakes or smoothies are a deliciously popular method but the possibilities are endless.

Tinctures are a great product for those new to using Hemp because you can measure out any sized dose you would prefer, down to a single droplet. This is a great way to test how comfortable you are with a product by starting with the smallest amount and increase dosage as needed.

A large difference that will set our products apart from others is that they are made with a full spectrum solventless extract that retains its full terpene profile. We offer products made with a variety of strains with a diverse terpene profile for each, which allows even more choice when trying to find the perfect product for you!

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