Topical products

Topical products

CBD topicals can be so effective at targeting specific areas so well because the human body has cannabinoid receptors all throughout it. By applying a topical directly to a problem area, it can be absorbed right into the spot you need it the most.

Products applied topically also have the benefit of not entering the bloodstream the same way a product that was ingested would. This keeps the effect more localized, so it doesn't provide a full body effect the same way other forms of CBD might.

For this reason, topicals are great for those totally new or apprehensive to cannabis therapies. Because of the benefits of using Hemp in different areas of the body, we plan to create different types of topical products that are designed for each type of use and application.

Alongside our topical salve, we have created a CBD Lip Balm. This provides all the same benefits to your lips that other topical products can be used for, in an easy-to-use lip balm dispenser. This will be Available very soon in a variety of flavor options.

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