Eucalyptus & Lemon Grass Salve, Hemp Flower Rosin (200mg)

2oz (200mg)

Full Spectrum

Our Salve is very effective at targeting specific areas. We have cannabinoid receptors all throughout our bodies. By applying a topical directly to a problem area it will be absorbed right into the spot you need it!

Products applied topically keep the effect more localized, so it doesn't provide a full body effect the same way our Organically Sun Grown Full Spectrum Tinctures might.

This combination of Full Spectrum Hemp and Simple Certified Organic Ingredients will have you back in action in no time. Treat your body with the love it deserves!

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Rosin, Bees wax*, MCT OIl*, Coconut Oil*, Comfrey*, Vitamin E*, Tee Tree Oil*, Bergamot Oil* (Organic*)

Size: 2oz, (200mg CBD) / 4oz, (400mg CBD)