Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin Tincture (Pacific Cooler) (500mg CBDA/CBD)


Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin Tincture

Our unique Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin Tinctures are made using a dual extraction process that ensures a pure end product. The process starts with freezing the hemp material, which is then subjected to cold water extraction using a series of mesh filters to collect the desired compounds while filtering out unwanted plant components. This produces a smoother and more flavorful product than other extracts. The fresh frozen material is then further concentrated by pressing it into rosin using our industrial rosin press. This combination process results in our best tinctures yet, with great effects and flavor.

Using our tincture is easy - simply squeeze a few drops under your tongue and increase your dose as needed. Our tincture is infused with MCT oil, allowing it to be easily combined with any food or beverage of your choice. The flavor profile of our tincture is characterized by sugary citrus and berry notes, with high terpene content including Mycrene, Limonene, Geraniol, and Linalool. Our tincture is made with certified organic Full Spectrum Fresh Frozen Hemp Rosin and organic MCT oil, and is available in two sizes:

Ingredients: *Organic MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Fresh Frozen Hemp Rosin (*Certified Organic)

Sizes: 1oz, 1000mg CBD/ .5oz, 500mg CBD (33mg CBD per Dropper)