Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin Tincture (Space Invader) (500mg CBDA/CBD)


Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin Tincture

Our Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin Tincture is a premium product made using a unique extraction process that ensures enhanced purity and exceptional taste. To create this tincture, we use two methods of extraction, starting with a cold water extraction method that yields a product known as bubble hash. This process involves using cold water and a series of mesh filters to collect all the desirable compounds while filtering out certain plant components. As a result, our tincture is smoother and has a reduced grassy plant flavor compared to other extracts.

After the bubble hash process, we further concentrate the product by pressing it into rosin using our industrial rosin press. The combination of these two processes has resulted in our best tincture yet, with great effects and flavor. To use our tincture, simply squeeze a few drops under your tongue, starting with a small dose and increasing as desired. The tincture is infused with organic MCT oil, which means you can mix it with any beverage or food product of your choice.

Our tincture boasts a delicious sour citrus flavor with an earthy and spicy aroma. Its physical relaxation induces a sense of happiness and boosts your spirits without causing anxiety or paranoia. Our tincture is made using organic MCT oil and full-spectrum fresh-frozen hemp rosin certified organic. It is available in two sizes:

Ingredients: *Organic MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Fresh Frozen Hemp Rosin (*Certified Organic)

Sizes: 1oz, 1000mg CBD/ .5oz, 500mg CBD (33mg CBD per Dropper)