(RELIEF) Cherry Chocolate Chip Capsules (2000mg)

2000mg (60 Count) 33mg (Per Cap)

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Cherry Chocolate Chip Capsules, Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Rosin (2000mg)

Capsules are great for a regular dosing option that is easy to grab on the go!

We create our capsules with our own Hawaiian sun grown Full Spectrum Rosin extract infused into a certified organic MCT oil base. This mixture is then encapsulated and packaged for use. The capsules we use are plant based and vegan friendly.

 Our capsules contain a full spectrum Hemp extract retaining its full range of terpenes, phytonutrients, and cannabinoids to create the natural entourage effect.

On each package of capsules we list the variety of hemp that was used allowing us to give even more of a personal touch when selecting the right product for you.

We don’t use any unrecognizable additives or preservatives and any ingredients we do use is certified organic.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Rosin, Plant derived material (HPMC), Purified Water

Size: 30 Count (1000mg CBD) / 60 Count (2000mg CBD), 33mg CBD (Per Cap)