Pacific Cooler Tincture, Full Spectrum Hemp Hash Rosin (500mg)


Full Spectrum Hawaii Sun Grown Hemp Tincture

Our Hash Rosin Tinctures are created using a unique process in which we use two methods of extraction for enhanced purity in the end product. The extraction process starts with a cold water extraction method, creating a product commonly known as bubble hash. This process uses cold water and a series of mesh filters that collects all of the desirable compounds and is able to filter out certain plant components. This process tends to create a product that is smoother and has less of the grassy plant flavor that some extracts have. After this bubble hash process, this is then concentrated further by pressing the hash into rosin using our industrial rosin press. We have found this combo process has created our best tinctures yet with great effects and flavor!

Using this product is as simple as squeezing out the dropper under your tongue. We Recommend you start off with a few drops and increase your dose as you feel comfortable. Since our tincture is infused with MCT oil, This allows you to combine it with any Beverage or food product that you like!

Ingredients: *Organic MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Rosin (*Certified Organic)

Sizes: 1oz, 1000mg CBD / .5oz, 500mg CBD